Q: What Is The Fastest Way To Receive Delivery For An Order?

First of all, we want to point out that we are a web-based company and it will always be our priority. Orders that arrive via the web are processed as quickly as possible and all other functions are secondary. Therefore, if you want an order to be shipped “URGENTLY”, we strongly recommend that you place your order on the web, and then we will do a 100% guarantee to get it delivered quickly.

Q. Should You Register To Order On Your Site?

You can place orders on our secure site if you are a registered user or a guest

Q. How Do I Get The Buyer's Address For Shipping Purposes?

PayPal will send you (the seller) a “Payment Notification” email after the buyer pays for the product that will contain the buyer’s address.

A buyer that goes to process placing order section then fulfill all information for placing order. This is required for shipping.

Q. Do I Have To Register To Buy Medication?

The first time you shop with us, we ask you to register and provide us with your personal details so that we can deliver on time to the correct address. For all subsequent orders, you just need to log in with your correct username and password on the website and keep adding the desired products to your shopping cart. If any confusion please contacts us .

Q. Why Do I Need A Password?

Your password facilitates ordering and access to personal services within our web online store. You can choose the password you want. It is recommended not to choose a common password for security reasons.

Q. What's do I do to bulk order on site?

For that, you must contact us  at info@theglobalchemist.com or you can call us at +1800-760-4601

Q. How Much Time Takes To Receive My Order?

Delivery average time period:  8 to 12 business working days

Q. What If I Am Not At Home During The Delivery Day?

If you are not at home on the day of delivery, we inform you by phone call, email, fax and all available means of communication. Finally, the product is delivered to the desired address from where you can pick up your package. What

Q. Will You Share My Information?

NO! Never! It’s very confidential. Don’t worry 100% Secure