We believe in the full satisfaction of our buyers, with from whatever they buying from our website or online generic medicines store. Therefore, we have given you a return and refund policy in case there is an error with the product you have ordered. In that case, you can contact us  by email or Phone. We may require you to return medications within 10 days of receipt to exchange the product for the correct one or refund the credit when order generic medication, for example, an incorrect shipping address or incorrect brand names selected by the customers. The customer service team is always with you to help you and resolve any problems you have while order medicines online by phone, email, or website.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee or full order reshipment in case of:

  • The package received is not the same as the one the customer ordered.
  • The order received is damaged.
  • The client is not satisfied with the quality of the product received.

Once the customer has received the order and verified it with one of the reasons listed above, the customer must contact within 10-15 days of receipt. The customer will bear all postage costs when returning the order in case the customer himself provides corrected information in the order or shipping details.

In case of delay of the order, the buyer must contact us by email. The appropriate investigations are carried out to find out the reason for the delay and, if the customer does not receive the order within the next 5 days, we offer two steps to solve the problem: we immediately resend a similar order or we refund the customer.

Thank You


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