Climax Spray

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Manufacturer MidasCare Pharma
Equivalent Brand  Climax Spray
Generic Name  Lidocaine
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Climax Spray

Climax Spray is the ultimate solution for those men who find it difficult to maintain an erection. With the use of this spray, it is possible to postpone early ejaculation for longer erection and long-lasting sex. It guarantees increased overall enjoyment for both spouses.

Your ordinary penis becomes a rock-hard with a single use of this spray. Moreover, the erection remains long-lasting for a significant amount of time after using Climax Spray. It is for guys who have problems keeping an erection for an extended period of time.

Primary Features

  • Allows the penis remain erect for a little while longer
  • It allows the penis to function to its fullest capacity
  • It increases the sensitivity to provide lingering pleasure with delayed ejaculation
  • It also enhances the level of sec for both partners

How to use

  • Conduct a skin test first before spraying the solution straight into the penis
  • Then one application would only require one spray, applied to the erected penis
  • Leave the Climax Spray for 30 seconds to let it get absorbed fully


Things to keep in mind before using the Climax Spray

  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • Before using, carefully read the label
  • Keep it in a cold, dry location
  • Use while under a doctor’s care
  • Apply 15 minutes prior to sexual activity for a longer-lasting erection


Why you should buy?

Climax Spray prolongs the duration of a man’s erection and active penis during sexual activity. It comes with zero to minimal side effects. Usually, this spray is safe to use and extremely effective for those men who find it difficult to achieve or maintain erection.

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