Penegra 100 mg Tablet

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Penegra 100 Tablet 4’s belongs to the group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE 5) inhibitors primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Manufacturer  Zydus
Strength  100mg
Generic Name  Sildenfil Citrate

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Penegra 100 mg Tablets

Men with erectile dysfunction (impotence) can be treated with Penegra 100 mg Tablet, which is available only by prescription. The penis receives more blood as a result of its action. This facilitates male erection onset or maintenance. It is a member of a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.

How to take it?

You can consume Penegra 100 mg Tablet with food or on an empty stomach. It must be taken exactly as your doctor has prescribed. Take a break around an hour before your planned sex. Work requires different amounts of time depending on the individual, but often takes between 30 and an hour.

Only if you feel sexual stimulation, this medication can assist you in achieving an erection. If you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction, you should refrain from taking this medication. No more than one dose per day should be consumed.

Follow your doctor’s instructions for this medication’s dosage and duration. Take it all in at once. Don’t eat it, break it, or crush it. Although the Penegra 100 Tablet can be taken with or without food, it is best to take it at a certain time each day.

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What happens in case you miss a dose of this medication?

Take Penegra 100 mg Tablet as soon as you remember if you miss a dose. If your next dose is approaching, skip the missing one and resume your regular regimen. Don’t increase the dosage.

Final words

PDE5 inhibitors, which include Penegra 100 mg Tablet, are a class of drugs. Your penis’s blood vessels are relaxed as a result of it. By allowing blood to enter the penis, while sexually aroused, an erection can be produced. You must be sexually excited in order for this medication to help you get an erection. However, you must take it a minimum of 30-60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.


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